Summerset 24" 5.3c Deluxe Outdoor Rated Refrigerator

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Bring the convenience of ice-cold beverages and cold storage to your outdoor kitchen with the New Summerset UL Deluxe Refrigerator with unrivaled performance. This refrigerator is built to last through the seasons featuring all #304 stainless steel construction, UL-Rated for outdoor use, adjustable legs for leveling for various installations, front venting, and limited lifetime warranty. With pristine form and appearance, this appliance can be easily incorporated into the existing look and design of the outdoor space. Offering a robust 5.3 cubic feet of storage and adjustable shelving, safely store a myriad of cold ingredients, beverages, desserts, or side dishes while grilling and entertaining. The locking door, sealed back, and temperature control keeps your cold storage energy-efficient, secure from pests or children, and safe from the elements. Reducing the need for multiple trips indoors, the New Summerset UL Deluxe Refrigerator adds amazing utility to your outdoor space while preserving the sleek and beautiful ambiance.

32ï¾° - 50ï¾° Temperature Range #304 Stainless Steel, Black (Body) Built-in Design, Auto-Defrost UL Certified for Outdoor Use Digital Display, Adjustable Digital Thermostat Factory Installed Security Lock Front Venting Commercial and Residential Compliant

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