Safety should be a top priority when installing a bbq island. You want to make sure that the bbq island doors and drawers that you choose have two vents in order to provide adequate ventilation. You want to install one higher up on the island, and the other is conveniently built in to your bbq doors and drawers. All models of PCM bbq island doors and drawers are designed to be used in an outdoor setting and are built to withstand the harsh outdoor elements while maintaining their beauty.

PCM bbq doors and drawers are made in the USA and come in a wide variety of different styles. You can choose from the 260 series bbq doors and drawers, the 200 series bbq island doors and drawers and the 300H series bbq doors and drawers. Each of these PCM series offer distinct features and style designs so you can be sure that there is the perfect set of bbq doors and drawers to complete your outdoor kitchen space. You will not be disappointed by affordable price and outstanding quality that PCM bbq island doors and drawers offer.