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Built In Charcoal Grills

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Built In Charcoal Grills
Looking for the charcoal grill experience embedded directly into your outdoor barbeque island? Try a Drop-In or Slide-In charcoal grill. They come in two different sizes and we offer oven style hoods for either model.

The Drop-In model charcoal grill is designed to fit flush with countertops. The Slide-In model offers a convenient front opening door for charcoal access.

We also have a complete Built-In Charcoal Grill from Blaze.

Built In Charcoal Grills

Ah, the Built-In Charcoal Grill, the perfect way to bring that smoky, outdoor flavor to your meals. This grill is made for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to elevate their grilling game and make their outdoor cooking space the envy of the neighborhood.

With durable materials like stainless steel or cast iron, these grills can withstand the elements and all the grilling action you can throw at it. And let's not forget that unmistakable smoky flavor that charcoal grilling provides - your taste buds will thank you.

But the real beauty of a Built-In Charcoal Grill is the control it gives you over the cooking process. With adjustable vents and dampers, you can create different cooking temperatures and zones for all your favorite foods. And with additional features like warming racks and ash pans, you'll have all the tools you need to create a grill master's paradise.

So, if you're ready to take your grilling game to the next level, a Built-In Charcoal Grill is the perfect addition to your outdoor cooking space. Just be prepared for your neighbors to come knocking on your door, asking for a taste of that delicious, smoky goodness.

Flame Broil Drop In

The Built-In Flame Broil Drop-In is a grill that takes "hot and spicy" to a whole new level. With its direct flame broiling method, it's like having a tiny dragon cooking your food - minus the smoke and soot, of course.

This grill is designed to be dropped into your outdoor kitchen setup like a hot potato, so it's important to have a sturdy countertop or kitchen island to support it. It's made of stainless steel, which means it's durable enough to withstand any outdoor cooking adventure.

With features like adjustable burners, a built-in thermometer, and a drip tray that catches grease like a pro catcher, the Built-In Flame Broil Drop-In is like having your own personal chef. Except instead of a fancy hat and coat, it wears a rugged, stainless steel exterior that screams "I'm ready to cook!"

So if you're looking to spice up your outdoor cooking game, the Built-In Flame Broil Drop-In is the way to go. Just don't be surprised if your food comes out with a little extra fire in its belly.

Flame Broil Slide In

The Built-In Flame Broil Slide In is like a swiss army knife of outdoor cooking appliances! It's a combo of a drop-in grill and a slide-in range that can cook up a storm for your outdoor feasts.

With its sleek stainless steel construction, four adjustable burners, and built-in thermometer, you can cook up everything from juicy steaks to crispy veggies with ease.

But wait, there's more! The slide-in range component adds two more burners and a griddle surface for all your pancake flipping and bacon sizzling needs. So whether you're hosting a backyard BBQ or just whipping up a quick outdoor meal, the Built-In Flame Broil Slide In has got you covered. Just don't forget the sunscreen while you're manning the grill!

Built In Grill

A Built-in Grill is the ultimate outdoor cooking machine that's more permanent than your in-laws staying over. It's designed to be installed into an outdoor kitchen or built-in BBQ island, making it the star of the backyard.

These bad boys are powered by natural gas or propane and can pack multiple burners, adjustable heat settings, a built-in thermometer, and other fancy features like rotisserie attachments, warming racks, and side burners for cooking side dishes.

Since they're built-in, they're designed to match the aesthetic of their surrounding outdoor kitchen components, making them the perfect complement to your bougie patio furniture. Plus, they're super durable and built to last, unlike that cheap portable grill you bought at the big box store.

Overall, a Built-in Grill is the perfect way to elevate your outdoor cooking game and show your neighbors who's boss. So go ahead, invite them over for a cookout and watch their jaws drop when they see your shiny new Built-in Grill.

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