Privacy Policy

Here at A to Z grills we understand the importance of keeping your personal information private and take this issue very seriously. To ensure that each transaction is safe and secure we use the most up to date encryption software & security technology to ensure that your private information that you provide to us is kept private from any outside source.

We will not trade, sell or share your personal information such as your email address, name, and address of phone number with anyone outside of A to Z grills. We promise not to share your purchase history or personal account information with anyone so you can rest assured that all purchases with A to Z grills are kept private.

AZ grills or out third party ad servers may collect some information about you such as the URL in which you were directed form, your IP address, your domain type, your browser type, the country you live in, the sate you lie in, the telephone area code where your server is located and the pages which you visited on our site at However, you should know that all of this information is kept personal and confidential and is only used to help us optimize our website and make your next visit to a more enjoyable experience.

When browsing our site it is recommended that you accept cookies in order to allow our site to run smoother and keep your transaction as secure and protected as we possibly can.