BBQ Cooking Tips

Grilling Seafood

1st Sep 2023

The Basics of SeafoodSeafood cooked on a barbecue is a real Australian favorite. Not only is it easy to cook, but the flavor and texture, if cooked correctly, is second to none.You can barbecue wh … read more

Grilling Poultry

1st Aug 2023

The Basics of Chicken and TurkeyPoultry is one of the most versatile meats to cook on your BeefEater. From whole chicken and turkey through to chicken pieces - poultry lends itself admirably to ma … read more

Grilling Pork

1st Jul 2023

The Basics of PorkMany delicious pork recipes can be cooked on your BeefEater. This section guides you on when to use direct or indirect cooking methods.General guidelines Quality pork should be … read more

Grilling Lamb

1st Jun 2023

The Basics of LambSimilar to beef, nothing tastes quite like lamb when cooked on a barbecue. Sear it quick and rest it long Brush both sides of the meat with a little vegetable oil and sear it qui … read more

Grilling Beef

1st May 2023

The key to cooking high quality beefsteaks of average thickness such as aged rib eye (Scotch fillet), sirloin (New York Cut), or tenderloin (fillet) steaks, is to sear the meat quickly and rest it … read more

Infrared Cooking

1st Apr 2019

Twice the Flavor in Half the Time" isn't just a catch-phrase, it's a fact with Solaire infrared technology. These grills will produce food to rival anything you've ever tasted, in a fraction of th … read more