Infrared Cooking

Infrared Cooking

1st Apr 2019

Twice the Flavor in Half the Time" isn't just a catch-phrase, it's a fact with Solaire infrared technology. These grills will produce food to rival anything you've ever tasted, in a fraction of the time you're used to spending.

More Flavorful Food Intense direct heat enhances natural flavor for succulence and taste that rival the finest steakhouses.

More Efficient Solaire infrared burners are ready to grill in just 3 minutes and cook twice as fast as traditional burners.

More Convenient With shorter grilling times, grilling can become part of your everyday lifestyle, not just a weekend event. And since infrared heats food directly, not the air around it, grilling year-round, even in frigid weather, is no problem.

Fewer Flare-ups Because there is no secondary heat element to trap grease, flare-ups are virtually eliminated. Drippings instantly vaporize, adding a great natural flavor to your food.

Versatile Grill anything like a pro, from steaks to seafood, chops and vegetables.

Charcoal-like Grilling with no Hassle Get the great flavor of an intensely-hot charcoal fire with the control, convenience and consistency of gas.

Introduction We all like to eat good, tasty food. Everyone who grills outdoors wants to achieve or exceed "restaurant quality" results, and to do so consistently. The purpose of Great Grilling Simplified is to provide easy guidelines to help you grill like a pro while using your Solaire Infrared Grill.

The chef of any great restaurant will identify the two most important factors in achieving superior grilling quality: serious heat and quality food items. Solaire Infrared Grills provide the heat necessary to lock in the juices. Cooking in its own juices results in a more succulent, tender and tasty food than can be achieved through conventional grilling methods. You select the quality of meats to place on your grill.

Infrared grilling is a simple matter of the relationship between the type of food, heat and time. The following guidelines, when modified through your experience to match your specific tastes and degree of doneness, will help you to consistently achieve great grilling results. Soon you will be known to your family and friends as "the grilling guru."

This guide was developed using off-the-shelf items from the local grocery store. Nothing fancy; the grill does most of the work.

Great Grilling Simplified is a work in progress. We encourage you to submit via e-mail your success stories to us. Please check back here often for the latest in grilling tips and Solaire equipment.

The Basic Idea

  1. Pre-heat the grill for three minutes on HIGH. 
  2. Sear the food for 2 to 3 minutes per side on high. This locks in the moisture. 
  3. Finish the food on a lower heat setting, turning the food every 2 to 3 minutes. 
  4. Let the food stand (rest) for a few minutes after removing it from the grill but before slicing. 
  5. The food continues to cook during this time. Bon Appetite! (Then tell all of your friends about Solaire!)


The equipment used to develop these guidelines is the "Solaire" Infrared Grilling System. Unique among gas grills, Solaire achieves the serious heat required to produce the consistent, restaurant-quality results.

Grilling on a Solaire is like going to a fine restaurant. In both cases, you end up with wonderful, flavorful food. Solaire brings the technology that the finest restaurants use right to your backyard. Inside every Solaire are special burners that emit radiant infrared heat. Infrared heat cooks differently than the heat produced from traditional gas grills. Traditional grills cook by convection. That is, the hood is closed and the air around the food is heated. It's the same concept as an oven or clothes dryer. Unfortunately, the result is usually dried out food. Solaire uses infrared, which is high temperature, radiant energy. The food is directly heated. The hood is usually kept open because the food is being heated, not the air. The infrared burner produces intense heat that immediately sears the food, locking in moisture and flavor. The result is succulent food in less than half the grilling time of traditional grills. Since Solaire infrared grills produce such intense, uniform heat, you don't have to worry about hot or cold spots. Flare-ups are also minimized due to the intense heat incinerating any grease drippings into the special V-grates of the Solaire or onto the surface of the burner. Grill on a Solaire grill just once and you'll experience the convenience, speed, and unmatched taste that only infrared can offer.

Key Benefits:

More Flavorful Food: Direct heat sears food quickly, locking in moisture and natural flavor. Saves Time: Heats up in 3 minutes; cooks 50% faster. Even Heating: Thousands of gas ports per burner create a uniform cooking temperature. Fewer Flare-ups: Drippings are instantly vaporized and turned into flavor enhancing smoke. In addition to the Solaire Grill, you will need the following basic tools:

Long handled spatula and/or tongs Stainless steel or brass bristled brush for cleaning cooking grids Digital timer for a reference point in determining the time/heat relationship