Blaze Charcoal Grills

Blaze is the ultimate sidekick for outdoor cooking enthusiasts, offering a variety of products to suit every superhero's grilling needs. Let's take a closer look at their other product lines:

First up, we have the Blaze Charcoal Grills. These grills are like the OG superheroes of outdoor cooking, designed for traditional charcoal grilling. With heavy-duty stainless steel construction, adjustable charcoal trays, and temperature gauges, these grills give you the power to control cooking temperatures like a boss.

Next, we have the Blaze Electric Grills, the lazy superhero's dream come true. No charcoal, no propane, just heavy-duty stainless steel construction and precise temperature controls for easy and convenient grilling. And hey, they're even suitable for indoor use, in case you feel like grilling up a storm from the comfort of your couch.

Last but not least, we have the Blaze Smokers, the true BBQ superheroes of the outdoor cooking world. These smokers are designed for slow cooking and smoking of meats, fish, and vegetables, infusing them with that delicious smoky flavor we all crave. With adjustable racks and precise temperature control, you'll be smoking like a pro in no time.

So whether you're a traditional charcoal grilling enthusiast, a lazy superhero who prefers electric grilling, or a true BBQ superhero who loves smoking meats, Blaze has got your back with their range of outdoor cooking products.

  • on sale!
    Details The long lasting durability and quality you're familiar with from Blaze is now available in a charcoal grill. This commercial grade 32-inch grill uses an easy hook and hang system so that you can add charcoal and wood while cooking. You can also...
  • on sale!
    Blaze introduces the industry’s first kamado grill made out of solid cast aluminum up to 1 1/4″ thick! The unique all-aluminum design provides unparalleled durability, and the same outstanding temperature control and heat retention kamado grills...