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Power Burners, Side Burners, and Searing Stations

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Power Burners, Side Burners, and Searing Stations
Cooking on the grill is the perfect outdoor pastime; however, not everything can be cooked on the grill. This means that in addition to a quality built in grill, you are also going to need a Fire Magic power burner to complete your outdoor kitchen space and provide you with the versatility that you require to make delicious meals in your outdoor kitchen without ever having to go indoors. A quality built in Power Burner will allow you to easily create the perfect meal; from searing to sauces a built in power burner can handle it.

What's even better, you can even deep fry a turkey on your Fire Magic power burner because it doubles as a built in deep fryer due to the high heat output it is able to produce. Whether you want to perfectly deep fry or cook a delicate sauce this built in power burner can accommodate all of your varying needs. A Fire Magic Power Burner is the perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen that will provide maximum versatility for cooking side dishes, sauces and more. This is because this built in Power Burner has two powerful burners which operate independently.
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