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Fire Magic 3 Hour Automatic Grill Shut Off Timer 3090

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Automatic Grill Shut off Timers offer additional convenience and conservation by shutting off gas flow at pre-set times. Easy to install. Great for apartment and condominium use. Capacity of up to 100,000 BTU's.

The Fire Magic in-line 3 hour Gas timer is the perfect timer for bbq grills, or anything that uses gas. This timer is like a cooking timer, but will shut off the gas or propane supply in case the user forgets to turn the grill off. We sell tones of these to community bbq grill users, and apartment complexes that supply grills to there tenants. The FM 3090 has 1, 2, and 3 hour settings so you can be sure it will be a safe choice for your situation. These gas timer's have to be hard piped in and come a 1/2" female pipe inlet, and 1/2" female pipe exit hole which is an industry standard. You can buy everything you need to hood this up at any hardware store.

The Fire Magic timer is also available in a 1 hour version as well

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