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Bromic Smart-Heat™ Platinum Gas

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Bromic Smart-Heat™ Platinum Gas

Get Heat Exactly Where You Need It

The Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat™ 300 Series outdoor heaters featuring durable stainless steel construction and a subtle elegant design, these heaters will blend seamlessly while providing diffused radiant heat deep into your open outdoor space. These outdoor gas heaters need just 25% of the space to be open extending the application options far beyond traditional gas outdoor heaters.

Wall mounting and ceiling mounting options combined with the pivot bracket allow for total mounting flexibility. Utilize the directional heat to bring warmth exactly where you need it, unlike traditional mushroom shaped patio heaters that radiate in all directions.

Residential and Commercial Applications

Bring new life to residential and multi-family spaces even in the winter months. Entertainment spaces, patios, and pools areas just a few spaces where these can be used around homes, apartments, HOA spaces, condos and more. Transform your guest or employee experience by installing these premium efficient gas heaters on restaurant patios, snack bars, cabanas, drive thrus, valet stands, and waiting areas. They are also a popular choice for casino, hotels, resorts and country clubs.

Bromic Smart-Heat™ is perfect for medical and care facilities. Installing these in a hospital, senior living, or care facility environment allows for more comfortable outdoor spaces for family and staff.

Elegant Aesthetics with Industry Leading Performance

Get reliable heat even in wind speeds up to 11 mph with Bromic's superior wind resistance. The ceramic fascia distributes heat evenly similar to the glass you'd find in glass top stoves. Strategic placement of heaters can help you reach optimal comfort levels and our experts can help you come up with a plan for your space.

These heaters can be used in combination with Bromic's genuine wireless control accessories for operation by on/off control or master remote. The Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat™ 300 Series is award winning and is the industry leader in technology delivering performance, reliability and beauty.
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