Platinum Smart-Heat 500 Series Heater LP - 39,800 BTU

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Elegant design, unrivaled coverage, and ultimate wind resistance make this outdoor heater the best on the market. Whether you're just looking for a patio heater for your home or restaurant or a solution for employee or guest comfort heat, this unit will get the job done efficiently and flawlessly. The slow-release ceramic burners are the most environmentally sustainable gas-fired heating method available. The Bromic Smart Heat Platinum 500 Series is made with exceptional materials for durability and performance. Get heat directly where you need it flexible mounting options and the pivot bracket.

There is no need for a pilot light with the instantaneous ignition you'll find on these elegantly designed Bromic smart heaters. This heater is compatible with the Bromic Smart Heat On / Off Switch and the Bromic Smart Heat Remote Control.


With both ceiling and wall mounting options, you can keep your value floor space. For more versatility or to reach the correct clearance, consider a Ceiling Pole Mount for Platinum Gas Heaters. This heater needs a minimum floor clearance of 96" and ceiling clearance of 36" or 14" if used with a Bromic Platinum 500 Series Heat Deflector. Please download the Data Sheet for complete Specifications.

Propane 39,800 BTU Heats 215 sq ft Stainless Steel Body Tinted Cermaic Glass Fascia Superior Wind Resistance Total Mounting Flexibility Pivot Bracket

Ceramic Fascia: 29.8" Wide by 12" Tall
See Data Sheet for full profile and side profile specs.

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