Bromic Platinum 300 Series Gas Heat Deflector

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The sleek design of this genuine Bromic heat deflector for Platinum 300 Series gas heaters is both elegant and functional. You can significantly reduce the amount of ceiling clearance needed when using a gas outdoor heater by adding a Bromic Gas Heat Deflector. This reflector reduces the clearance between the top of the deflector and ceiling from 36" to just 14" by protecting your ceiling and walls from radiant heat.

If you're using your patio heater in an exposed outdoor area, this heat deflector can help prevent rain from getting into the heater. Using dual-layer stainless steel technology the top layer increase the weather resistance of your unit making it last even longer while the bottom layer absorbs vertically escaping energy.

Dual-Layer Stainless Steel Increases Weather Resistance Reflects Heat Back to Target Easy Installation

Width - 11"
Depth - 22"
Height - 3"

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