Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat 3400W Electric - White

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You don't have to sacrifice style for performance when it comes to the Bromic Platinum Smart-Heat Electric 3400W Heater. The elegant and clean design is award-winning and complements almost any decor. Whether you're looking for employee comfort, guest comfort, or just superb residential outdoor heating, this heater exceed your expectations. This compact, sleek unit is rated between 230240V and uses about 14.2 amps. It can heat approximately 108 square feet with a footprint of 12' x 9' wide when mounted appropriately. Using the adjustable mounting bracket, you can direct the radiant heat exactly where you need it.

When paired with genuine Bromic Smart-Heat controls, these heaters are easy to use and coordinate. This heater is compatible with these genuine Bromic Smart-Heat controls: Bromic Smart Heat On / Off Switch, the Bromic Smart Heat Dimmer Control Switch, and the Bromic Smart Heat Remote Control.


With both ceiling and wall mounting options, you can keep your value floor space free of obstacles and keep heaters safely away from people. These can be ceiling mounted in a front down or angle mount position. For a completely seemless look, these electric outdoor heaters can be recessed into the ceiling using the Platinum Electric Recess Kit. We also carry the Platinum Electric Suspension Kit in 2' and 4' options. Please download the Data Sheet for complete mounting and clearance Specifications.

Electric 2300W Heats 65 sq ft Stainless Steel Body Tinted Cermaic Screen Superior Wind Resistance Total Mounting Flexibility Pivot Bracket

Ceramic Fascia: 50.2" Wide by 7" Tall
See Data Sheet for full profile and side profile specs.

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