Fire Magic

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    When only the best will do, our top of the line Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grill combines the ultimate in performance, beauty, and innovation. With sleek lines, a unique contoured face, and state of...
    $10,591.00 - $11,921.00
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    The Black Diamond Edition Grill Series showcasing a porcelain coated finish with satin stainless steel access. Featuring our top of the line Fire Magic Echelon Diamond, this grill creates a fusion of...
    $10,580.00 - $10,784.05
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    Sear favorites such as ahi tuna and marbled fillet mignon to perfection with 24,000 BTU's and up to 1000˚of infrared heat. Perfect for an amazing seared steak. Includes the new Diamond Sear...
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    The Echelon Single Side Burner features a 15,000 BTU burner, a precise flame control valve, and a stainless steel cover. Available with porcelain cast grid.The powerful Echelon side burner is a...
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    Cooking Grids for Fire Magic Deluxe and Charcoal GrillsStainless Steel Rod MPN: 3537-S-2 15 3/4"D x 11 1/4"W (Set of 2)Porcelain Cast Iron MPN: 3528-2 15 3/4"D x 11 1/4"W (Set of 2)Porcelain Steel...
    $116.45 - $311.10
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    Cooking Grids for Fire Magic Regal 1 and Charcoal GrillsDiamond Sear MPN: 3543-DS-3 17-3/4"D X 9-7/8"W (Set of 3)Porcelain Cast Iron MPN: 3524-3 17-3/4"D X 9-7/8"W (Set of 3)Porcelain Steel Rod MPN:...
    $228.65 - $630.70
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    A backyard BBQ island oasis that will allow you to spend precious time with friends, family and neighbors, while also enjoying the beauty of the outdoors at the same time. You want to be sure that...
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    Creating the perfect outdoor kitchen requires lots of thought and preparation to ensure that you have thought of everything. The small details can make all of the difference when designing a...
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    The Aurora Power Burner is the largest, most powerful side cooker available and provides the high heat that's perfect for wok cooking or frying a turkey!This outstanding side cooker adds to your...
    $1,898.90 - $1,939.90
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    The Fire Magic Power Burner 19-5B2N-0 is one of the largest and most powerful side burners on the market. The top of the line 19-5B2N-0 is even powerful enough to deep fry a turkey or other sides...
    $2,019.40 - $2,060.40