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Fire Magic warming drawer electric 53830-SW

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If you have ever cooked a large meal outdoors on your BBQ grill, then you know about the challenges that keeping all of your food warm until you are ready to serve it can present. In fact, it is almost impossible to keep everything hot, fresh and ready until everything is cooked. This is the beauty of an electric warming drawer, it can keep your already cooked food warm and ready to serve while you are busy finishing the rest of your meal. One of the more popular models for a BBQ island is the Fire magic Warming Drawer 43830-W.

Or, perhaps you are cooking for a crowd and you know that some of your guests will be arriving late. You can make them a plate and put it into the electric warming drawer where it will stay hot, fresh and ready until they arrive. The alternative is to use a microwave to reheat your food; however, a microwave often dries out your food and leaves it lacking. Installing a quality Fire Magic Warming Drawer ensures that you will never have to worry about this ever again. The 43830-W electric warming tray provides outstanding quality at an exceptional price and comes with many awesome features.

The Fire Magic Warming drawer 43830-W is constructed of commercial grade 304 stainless steel so you can be sure that it is as durable as it is beautiful. This electric warming drawer is able to keep your food heated to any temperature you desire up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit and features concealed controls. The louvered vents provide proper ventilation and the double walls ensure proper insulation and moisture regulation. So, if you want a top of the line electric warming drawer with all of the bells and whistles then this beautiful Fire Magic warming drawer is the perfect choice.


Specifications of the Fire Magic Warming Drawer - 43830-W
  • Cut out Dimensions: 13” Tall X 31” Wide X 20- 1/2” Depth
  • Keep Your Food Warm Until Ready to Serve
  • Customize Temperature up to 230 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • Hidden Controls
  • Flush Mounted Installation
  • Easy to Install
  • Constructed of Beautiful Commercial Grade Stainless Steel
  • Double Walls for Insulation
  • Louvered Vents for adequate Ventilation
  • Features Moisture Regulation Controls
  • Strong & Durable Handle

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