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Fire Magic 3643-05F - Protective Grill Cover for Drop-in Regal I Grills

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Are you looking for a quality cover to protect your Regal 1 countertop built in grill that is built to last? If so, you will be happy to know that the Fire Magic cover 3643-05F is a custom made cover which will fit over your Regal 1 grill like a glove providing a seamless fit that will effectively and efficiently keep the dirt and debris out of your grill when it is not in use. A Fire Magic grill cover is made of top quality construction as you would expect from a leader in the grilling industry; so you can be sure that your investment in this quality Regal 1 countertop cover is well worth it.

If you have already decided to invest in a professional grade top of the line Fire Magic Regal 1 built in grill; don't you think that you should do everything you can to ensure that it keeps its original beauty for many years to come. This is because Fire Magic has designed the Regal 1 countertop cover 3643-05F to fit over your Regal 1 Fire Magic grill perfectly ensuring that each contoured edge is hugged snugly for the best protection. This Fire Magic grill cover is easy to use and built to last; you can't go wrong with the Fire Magic Regal 1 countertop cover.

The beautiful black material that this Fire Magic cover is made of is waterproof so prevent corrosion and made of heavy duty, durable and tear resistant fabric that is designed to not rip or tear due to normal use. This is why the Regal 1 countertop cover 3643-05F is a top seller among serious grillers who own a Regal 1 countertop built in grill by Fire Magic. Check out this awesome cover today and protect your Fire Magic grill from the elements.

Snug Fit to Keep Out Dirt & Debris Waterproof Design to Protect from Corrosion Double Stitched for Extra Durability Custom Fit Convenient Built in Style Strong Rip Resistant Fabric

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