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Fire Magic 3641-05F - Protective Grill Cover for Drop-in Gourmet Grills

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Do you own a Fire Magic deluxe gourmet grill ? If so, you will be glad to know that your search for the perfect grill cover is over. Fire Magic 3641-05F makes a custom fitted grill cover that is designed to fit perfectly around the precise shape of your Fire Magic deluxe gourmet grill. The Fire Magic deluxe cover is made of heavy duty durable black nylon which is strong enough to provide years of hassle free use while protecting your Fire Magic grill from the outdoor elements.

Exposure to the outdoor elements will quickly cause the beautiful sheen on your Fire Magic grill to fade; so make sure you do everything you can to protect your investment in a top of the line Fire Magic deluxe gourmet grill. The Fire Magic deluxe cover 3641-05F easily slips over your Fire Magic grill and provides a seamless fit that will ensure maximum protection regardless of what the weather brings. The waterproof fabric of your Fire Magic deluxe cover will keep your grill safe and dry and help prevent corrosion.

So, if you have been searching for the perfect grill cover to protect your Fire Magic grill from exposure to the elements then look no further than the Fire Magic 3641-05F deluxe cover. The double stitching ensures that the seams will hold and the rip resistant material ensures that the material can stand up to a challenge without any damage. If you want a quality grill cover by Fire Magic that is built as well as your Fire Magic grill then check out this awesome Fire Magic deluxe cover.

Snug Fit to Keep Out Dirt & Debris Waterproof Design to Protect from Corrosion Double Stitched for Extra Durability Custom Fit Convenient Built in Style Strong Rip Resistant Fabric

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