BeefEater Orifice Conversion Kit - Signature 2000 Series

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This is BeefEater OEM Part Number 95236 (Natural Gas) or 95210 (Propane) depending on which option you select. This is an Orifice Conversion Kit for a Signature 2000 Series grill. Order one for each burner.


Use this conversion kit to convert your BeefEater BBQ fuel source. Works for converting:
  • Propane to Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas to Propane
To convert from Propane to Natural Gas, all you have to do is take off the regulator and hook it up to a Natural Gas line (use a 3/8" flex line to hook up). Then, change out the orifices on your valves to Natural Gas ones. To do this, remove your cooking grids, then your vaporizers (V shaped things below the cooking grids), and finally your burners to expose the orifices. Once you change out the orifices and put everything back together, you can use your grill on the natural gas, but you still need to adjust your low setting or risk your grill going on on low. To adjust the low setting on the Signature 2000 Series grill, get a very small flat head screw driver and pull off your knobs. After the knobs are removed, you'll see the little hole that is on the top of the valve stem (where you took the knob off). Stick your screwdriver in the hole and carefully turn it counter clockwise a half turn.

When going from Natural Gas to Propane, you'll need to order a regulator and a hose. Use the instructions above to change your orifices, and then follow the instructions to adjust your low setting except you'll carefully turn it clockwise a half turn.

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