BeefEater Orifice Conversion Kit - Discovery Series

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This is BeefEater OEM Part Number 40145 (Natural Gas) or 40125 (Propane) depending on which option you select. This is an Orifice Conversion Kit for a Discovery i-1000 Series grill. Order one for each burner.


Use this conversion kit to convert your BeefEater BBQ fuel source. Works for converting:
  • Propane to Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas to Propane
When converting fuel types, you need to change out your orifices and adjust your low setting. To change your low setting, pull of your knobs and insert a small flat head screwdrive into the hole in the face plate. There is a flat head screw that needs to be turned a half turn. When switching from Natural Gas to Propane, turn a half turn counter clockwise. When switching from Propane to Natural Gas, turn a half turn clockwise.

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