Beefeater Regulater for Signature or Discovery Series grllsZoom

Beefeater Regulater for Signature or Discovery Series grlls

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Beefeater Propane Regulator for all Beefeater grills including all Signature, Discovery, Beefmate grills. If you have a Beefeater this is the regulator that you need. This Beefeater L.P Regulator also fits many other grills that are out there. Fit's most propane tanks and has a Female 3/8" flare end on it so no Gas tape or plumbing compounds needed (you don't need them for Flare fittings). Some of the Benefits are:

Fit's all Beefeater grills

Fit's many other brands of grills out there

Has 3/8" Female brass fitting on end

With this and orifices you can convert your grill from N.G. to Propane

No Teflon tape or plumbers putty needed (with flare ends)

This is A Genuine Beefeater part so you won't have to worry about quality control that many of the copy cat's put out. When it comes to gas you don't want to mess around looking for a $10.00 replacement that something could be wrong with it. Buy Genuine Beefeater and worry about nothing.
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