Beefeater 3 burner rotisserie complete 93533Zoom

Beefeater 3 burner rotisserie complete 93533

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Beefeater 93533 rotisseries are a great addition to your Signature, or Discovery grill. The particular rotisserie is the size for all models Beefeater 3 burners but will also fit all Beefeater 2 burners as well. The 93533 rotisserie come set up to run off of any 110v household current. It has its own on and off switch with 2 feet of cord with the plug on the end. Beefeater rotisseries come with all the mounting brackets, nuts and bolts, and hardware you need to install on their grill. The rotisserie comes with 2 forks, spit, counter balance, and a handle on the spit. Once you mount the included bracket the 110v motor slides on and off very easy for easy storage.
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