Beefeater Discovery griddle 13" 94133Zoom

Beefeater Discovery griddle 13" 94133

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Beefeater Discovery Griddle 13" will fit on the Beefeater Discovery 3 burner, 5 Burner, or 4 burners with a 3 piece top. Keep in mind although it says 13" the real measurement is only 12-5/8" or so. The Discovery griddle is porcelain coated but hot dipped, so you can barely tell that it has been dipped in porcelain. It is also only single sided. If you would like a double sided griddle (smooth on one side, and having ridges on the other) you can order the griddle for the signature series grill. They cost more but are double sided, about double the weight, and are the same size to fit in a Discovery grill.

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