Blaze Marine Grade Perforated Flame Tamer Upgrade for Professional LUX Gas Grills

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Flavorizer Bars, Flame Tamers & Heat Shields. The Blaze Perforated Flame Tamer for Professional LUX grills minimizes flareups and adds flavor to your food. Made of durable, marine-grade 316 stainless steel, these heavy duty flame tamers trap grease and debris and protect the burners in your Blaze gas grill.

The box-style design of this flame tamer provides plenty of surface area for drippings to vaporize and rise back into your food. This architecture also provides maximum coverage for your burner, greatly reducing the chance of flareups and prolonging the life of your burner. This is an upgrade to one of the standard flame tamers in your Blaze Professional LUX gas grill.

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