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Grand Canyon Gas Logs - 24" Arizona Juniper

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The 24" Arizona Juniper from Grand Canyon Gas Logs are the perfect example of a taste of Arizona. The Juniper logs were hand-picked in the northern Arizona terrain giving the natural characteristics like the natural occurring cracking, and twisting in the logs themselves. These logs are proudly MADE IN THE USA!!!! from the picking of the wood with wood hunters, to the heavy-duty log burners that are made with the highest of quality of labor and materials. This is not our biggest seller (that is the Weathered Oak) but personally this is my favorite set of logs in all the brands they just look so real.  These Cement with metal fiber logs are steel reinforced to give you years and years of trouble-free use to enjoy those cozy and peaceful times at home. This is for the logs only you still need to pick your burner style, and the valving a accessories to complete your build.

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The Arizona Juniper 24" Gas logs are very authentic looking gas logs for your fire place that come in 18,21,24,30,36, and 42" sets. Once you know the ones you want then pick from 1,2, and 3 burners. Once done with that how do you want to light it? Pick out a valving and control systems to get you burning with your new set of gas logs.

Grand Canyon Gas Logs are of cement material reinforced with steel fibers. Each log was hand picked and hand painted to re create the most realistic and natural as possible. The burner systems that are designed for these specific log set combined give you as close to natural wood burning fire as possible. These are designed to be vented logs and must be burned in a fully vented non-combustible fireplace.

  • Hand Picked
  • Hand Painted
  • Cement with Metal Fiber
  • Made in the USA
  • From Northern Arizona
  • Natural Looking
  • Lifetime Warranty (see warranty)
  • Realistic

There are several sizes and also see through versions as well if you don't see what you need here please feel free to call.

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