Fyreside 30 inch Live Oak Vented Natural Gas Log set 63YE

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Fyreside Live Oak Natural Gas Vented 30" Log set comes with almost everything you need to enjoy the coziness of the fire. Made in the USA !! with I quality Ceramics, with steel reinforcement molded on the log and finished off with Hand painting for a super real appearance. Fyreside is a product of RealFyre that have been making gas logs for over 65 years. Setting the bar in the industry that almost all other log makers follow. The 63-YE live oak gas logs can be mistaken for much higher priced logs in person with ease, and all comes in a kit with burner, logs, grate, sand (for natural gas models) or Vermiculite (for Propane models), Damper Clamp, and burner clips packed neatly in one box. These logs are also available in 24", and 18". Fyreside gas logs are specifically for builders in mind so you get quality, at an affordable price. 

Fyre Side 63YE Vented gas logs are MADE IN THE USA !!!!!! you can be assured of quality when it comes to Fyresides 65 years of experience. Made with Hi quality steel reinforced ceramics that are hand painted in the good old U S of A. Packaged together with all the goodies on box ready to ship you get all the main components you need for your fireplace. Here is what is in the kit:

  • Gas Logs
  • 70,000 BTU Burner
  • Embers
  • Sand (for natural gas models)
  • Vermiculite (for Propane models)
  • Heavy Duty Steel Grate
  • Burner Clips
  • Damper Clamp

A great replacement for your old outdated logs. Also available in 24" and 18". For indoor use only for vented fireplaces, must be installed by a licensed plumber 

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