Fire Magic built in cover E250 electric 3642EZoom
Not only with the Fire Magic 3642E cover fit your grill securely, it is also designed with waterproof material so that it will stay clean and dry even when it is raining outside. Your E250 electric grill should last for many years to come, if you want it to last as long as possible then covering it with the Fire Magic 3642E cover will increase the longevity of our beautiful Fire Magic grill. Why take your chances with a less expensive grill cover when you can spend a little more to get a custom made Fire Magic 3642E cover for your E250 electric grill.

The investment in your Fire Magic cover is sure to last much longer than many other less expensive brands as well. With the double stitched seams and tear resistant fabric you can be sure that this is one grill cover that is going to last for many years. So, if you are looking for the best grill cover for your E250 electric Fire Magic grill then look no further because the Fire Magic 3642E cover is a perfect fit that I sure to exceed our expectations.


Specifications of the Fire Magic Cover
  • Snug Custom Fit
  • Double Stitched for Durability
  • Waterproof Design
  • Strong Rip Resistant Fabric
  • Made by Fire Magic

Fire Magic built in cover E250 electric 3642E

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If you have a E250 Electric Fire Magic grill, then you may want to protect your investment by buying this awesome quality Fire Magic 3642E cover. When you allow your E250 grill to be exposed to the outdoor elements it is likely that it is going to rust must quicker than it would if it had been protected. This is why, the small cost of the Fire Magic 3642E cover is one investment that you should not pass up. This top of the line grill cover is designed to go with our 250E electric Fire magic grill and will fit over the surface of your grill like a glove.
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