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Fire Magic 3648F - Protective Grill Cover for Built-in Echelon E1060i Grills

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Custom fitted to Fire Magic grills and accessories, these black covers are manufactured with a PVC exterior and Polyester "breathable" interior providing excellent protection to your Fire Magic product.

If you already own a Fire magic cover, then you know the top of the line quality that you can expect from this top of the line grill maker. The Fire Magic built in cover is designed specifically to go with your Echelon E1060 grill so that it fits snugly and securely keeping the wind from blowing unwanted dirt, debris and moisture inside causing unsightly corrosion over time. When you pay for a quality Echelon E1060 Fire magic grill, it is wise to also purchase the coinciding 3648E Fire magic built in cover to properly protect it.

Water and moisture are the leading cause of unsightly rust and corrosion, so make sure that your Fire magic Echelon E1060 grill is protected from this common problem with a waterproof Fire Magic cover. The strong and durable fabric that the 3648E Fire magic built in cover is constructed of is not only waterproof; it is also rip resistant and will take a beating and remain stylish and beautiful for many years.

The cost of a Fire Magic cover is a drop in the bucket in comparison to the cost of your top of the line Fire magic Echelon grill, so make sure that you do all you can to ensure its stylish beauty and exceptional quality for many years. The 3648E Fire magic built in cover is the perfect complement to your professional grill and will fit securely to ensure that your grill remains safe no matter what the weather may bring.

Snug Fit to Keep Out Dirt & Debris Waterproof Design to Protect from Corrosion Double Stitched for Extra Durability Custom Fit Convenient Built in Style Stylish Complimentary Design

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