41" Ceiling Mount Pole for Bromic Gas Heaters

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These mounting poles are suitable for both the Bromic Tungsten gas heaters and the Platinum gas heaters. You want to ensure that your Bromic gas outdoor heater is suspended at a height between 8' and 9' to ensure optimal heating. These poles will help you extend your heater to the correct height. The ceiling mounting poles are available in six different sizes: 9.69", 13.62", 17.56", 25.43", 33.31", and 41.18".

In order to determine the ceiling pole length, just add the length of the pole to the overall heater and bracket height (16.6") then subtract the distance from floor to ceiling or beam where the pole will be mounted. Please note that the adjustment at pole mounting is for pitched ceilings. The ceiling poles must drop straight down. The pole should not be mounted on an angle.

Powdercoated to match heaters exactly


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