Beefeater Built In Grills

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Beefeater Built In Grills
If you ask most company's what their best-selling brand of grill is, you'll often find that BeefEater built in grills such as the BeefEater Signature or BeefEater Discovery models are a popular choice amongst consumers like you. If you are considering purchasing a new grill for your new outdoor kitchen then the professional built in models made by BeefEater are a great choice. You can easily install these popular models in either an island or cart; whichever you prefer.

BeefEater has been a trusted name in professional grills for over 30 years. The company was founded in 1984 and is known for creating top quality, durable and beautiful grills with models to suit every budget. Based in Australia, they are one of the largest grill manufacturers in the country as well as in the US and Europe. They strive to create the highest quality grills and specialize in porcelain enamel and stainless steel grills such as the Discovery and Signature series.

Are Beefeater Grills any good?

When you're in the market for premium built in grills and planning to spend a large amount of money for quality, you're should definitely do your homework. Consistently, smart shoppers find that a Beef Eater Grill is the way to go. They have been making gas grills for decades. Beefeaters are such a solid brand that the styling hasn't even changed much over the years. It's consistently beautiful design continues to impress and when updates are made to the model they are well thought out and worth every penny. We love Beefeater barbeques for both the phenomenal quality of construction and unbeatable high temperature cooking. There is a reason why Beefeater is Australia's leading grill maker and why these grills are sought after all over the world. Beefeater grills are the gold standard in quality, performance, and affordability for serious grillers.

BeefEater Quality of Construction

The superior design and tough construction of Beefeater grills is known around the globe. They are made using solid heavy gauge steel. There are no tack welds. Because all of the joints are fully welded, your Beefeater won't lead, warp or fall apart. The black Beefeater BBQs feature cast iron cook tops that are porcelain coated and warranted for a full 10 years. On the stainless steel series, you'll find tough 304 grade brushed stainless steel for the body and hood for a rust free experience.

Are BeefEater grills easy to clean?

BeefEater's cast iron cook tops are coating porcelain enamel wihch is one of the most durable surfaces available and makes clean up a breeze. These surfaces are easy to wipe clean - no more scrubbing! The stainless steel is also easy to clean. The hood lifts off for easy removal and BeefEater's genius grease management system is a dream to work with. All of the surfaces are designed to funnel excess grease and juices into the grease tray under the grill. This tray pulls out for super simple maintenance. Line it with foil and you'll have instant cleanup! Once you experience these heavy duty rust free cooking surfaces, you'll never want to go back to an inferior grill again.

Are BeefEater grills high performance?

These grill are top of the line. Take for example BeefEater's Quartz start technology. Get an instant flame with just a twist of the knob. Look forward to trouble free starting with no batteries required. Under the cooking grids, you'll find the Beefeater vaporizer grid and heat reflectors. The vaporizers do just what they say. They vaporize excess juices so that the steam or smoke drifts back up to give your food that smoky barbeque flavor. This also prevents dangerous flare-ups. The heat reflector technology focuses the energy back towards the cooking surface giving you more heat with less waste. Don't forget that the removable hood features a viewing window and temperature gauge so that you can monitor your cooking with precision.

How well does a Beefeater grill cook food?

Experience the difference for yourself. The non-stick cooking surfaces will leave you with beautiful looking food. The high output cast iron burners ensure that your grill preheats fast. Also, you'll be able to get the perfect sear on that steak or whatever other wonderful pieces of meat you decide to barbeque. But don't stop with meat! BeefEater's reversible griddle has ribs on side for sausages and the like, but the other side is a flat surface which is perfect for making eggs, onions, and even pancakes! The removable warming rack will toast your buns perfectly and also makes a great place for cooking veggies. Achieve cooking perfection with the on-board temperature gauge built into the integrated convection roasting hood. Get a Beefeater sideburner and be prepared to cook just about anything with 18,000 BTU's - big pot of corn anyone?
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