Beefeater Signature SL4000 Premium Stainless 4+1 Built-In Barbecue

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The Beefeater SL4000 - 30450 is one of the most powerful grills available by Beefeater and is backed by the affordable Beefeater price as well. Consumers love the power and affordability that this Beefeater Premium grill has to offer. The body and hood are both made of 304 stainless steel which is backed by a lifetime warranty. One of the top rated features of the SL4000-30450 is the built in side burner which provides an optional cooking space for side dishes and other dishes which you are not able to cook on the standard cooking grids.

This Beefeater grill with side burner features many other awesome features as well such as a stainless steel griddle, and cooking grids made of 10mm thick stainless steel. The combined power of 92,000 BTU's of heat is sure to provide ample power for even your largest cookout. The built in temperature gauge and quality roasting hood are features commonly not found on grills with such an affordable Beefeater price tag.

This grill comes with side burner which means that you can use the additional 19,904 BTU's of cooking power to meet all of your needs. The Beefeater Premium 5 burner model with side burner is constructed of full welded brushed stainless steel and features a quartz ignition system.

Fully welded frame Stainless steel construction Quartz Start Ignition 4 Cast stainless burners (Lifetime warranty) Side burner Stainless steel large knobs Built in for use with island or cart Large cooking surface Built in safety features 110,000 BTU's of cooking heat Lifetime warranty on all stainless steel parts Built in temperature gauge

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