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Grand Canyon Gas Logs - 30" Weathered Oak Charred

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Arizona Weather Oak Charred by Grand Canyon Gas Logs (GCGL) AWOC30LOGS are 30" Logs that are US made with Metal Re-enforced ceramic that cast and radiate heat like nobodies' business. This premium gas log set looks great in almost any atmosphere. These Gas logs are hand painted here to look very realistic and like they are burning and turning to ash. All wile heating up and radiating the heat to the whole room. These logs were found, Molded, and hand painted all here in the USA. From Burners to the logs, they are all made here. Although these 30" Gas Logs are specifically designed to fit and burn with GCGL burners giving a full hi flame they will also work with others as well. The GCGL log hunters found the log, burnt it into two, and then cast a mold. This line of gas logs is the most authentic of them all. Also available in 18",24",36" and 42" and JUMBO sizes 36"42",48" and 60 inch sizes.

Arizona Weathered Oak Charred 30" AWOC30LOGS are made with the same quality materials you come to expect with the regular Weather Oak but this looks be actually burning. These 30" gas logs have metals reinforced Ceramic log are hand painted to give the most realistic look possible. Each log set is manufactured to fit perfectly all of the GCGL burners. The log and burner paired together gives you a nice full flame that will heat up the ceramic logs and will radiate enough heat to keep the whole room warm and cozy. These logs come with a Lifetime warranty and are proudly made in the USA !!!!


  • Made in the USA
  • Hand Picked and Hand Painted
  • Metal Fiber Re-enforced Ceramic
  • .
  • Refractory Log
  • From the Forests of Northern Arizona
  • Amazingly Realistic
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 7-Piece Log Set
  • Cast from Real Logs
  • Radiates More Heat
  • Also Available in Jumbo and See through Versions

Arizona Weathered Oak Charred Logs come in several other sizes including 18",24",36",and 42 inch sizes. The Jumbo Sizes that are available are 36",42",48" and 60" sizes.

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