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    Grand Canyon Gas logs 3BRN-30 30" 3 burner gas log burner. Made in the USA !!!!!! This log burner give you the best natural flame that is full and natural looking. This single sided burner is for all GCGL 30-inch logs. The 3BRN-30 burner is constructed...
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    Grand Canyon Gas Logs 3BRN-24 24" Log burner is constructed of a Stainless Steel Pan, Schedule 40 burner pipe, and Heavy Duty Bar Stock MADE IN THE USA !!!!. Be assured you are getting one of the best burners for indoor use on the market. With 3...
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    Grand Canyon Gas Logs 3BRN-18 is a 3 burner for 24" gas logs. This burner gives you a Heavy-duty option with plenty of fire with 3 separate burners. All Made in the USA!! You can be assured that the build materials and labor are all top notch. This...