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Summerset Sizzler Sear Burner SIZ-IRB

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Summerset Sizzler SIZ-IRB Infrared Sear Burner is the perfect addition to any of the Summerset Sizzler grills. Want to grill just like the Pro’s ? Then this is what you need. Enhance you grilling experience and at the same time seal in all the flavor by searing any kind of meat. This Burner uses 15,000 BTU’s of gas getting upwards of 1,600 degrees for a fast sear sealing in the juices. The SIZ-IRB easily replaces one of the burners in the Sizzler grill making it very flexible on what side of the grill you want. This Sear burner will fit any Summerset Sizzler or Sizzler Pro grill.
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