Summerset Sizzler 40 Inch Built in Grill SIZ40Zoom
Weight 150 lbs Model Number SIZ40 Fuel Type Natural Gas or Propane Finish #443 Stainless Steel Construction Hood Features Double-lined Hood Grate Thickness 8mm Cooking Grates Burner Type Stainless Steel Tube Burners Ignition Flame Thrower Ignition, Manual Flash Tube Ignition Easy-clean Briquette System Main Burner BTUs 12,000 BTUs (each burner) Back Burner BTUs 15,000 (infrared burner) Temperature Gauge 3″ Built-in Temperature Gauge Cooking Surface 985 (square inches)

Summerset Sizzler 40 Inch Built in Grill SIZ40

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Summersest Sizzler 40" grill SIZ40 is a built in grill made of 304 grade stainless steel. The Hood is double lined to keep the stainless from discoloring from heat. The Sizzler also features an all stainless cooktop, stainless burners, Flame thrower ignition, and ceramics for radiating heat. The Sizzler also has a drip pan underneath the grill to catch all the dripping from grilling making it easy to clean. Line the greace tray with aluminum foil and throw some sand on it (to hold it down) and get many years of use out of it. Sizzler was designed to give you goood even heat just like a professional style grill at a fraction of the cost. The Summerset Sizzler 40 is the largest Sizzler grill availible. This particualar grill is made to be built in you can also purchase a cart for it so you don't have to build it in right away. If you have any questions on this grill (we are also always having specials on this grill) Please give us a call if you have any questions , or to check for specials @800/997-4177
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