Summerset Sizzler Double Side  Burner Cover GRILLCOV-SIZB2Zoom

Summerset Sizzler Double Side Burner Cover GRILLCOV-SIZB2

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Summerset GRILLCOV-SIZB2 Sizzler Double Side burner cover. Protect your investment by purchasing this Vinyl heavy duty side burner cover. This cover will keep your side burner out of the elements and help maintain a brand new look on your outdoor equipment. The cover is made with a 2 ply vinyl that has a UV protective coating so it will last for years down the road. This side burner cover has a cotton / polyester liner inside to keep from scratching your stainless due to wind, also keep your side burner dry if it rains, it will also keep your burner cooler in direct sunlight. The GRILLCOV-SIZB2 Sizzler Double side burner cover includes a built in drawstring with elastic to keep it secured onto the side burner even when you have windy conditions. Work on all Summerset Sizzler Slide in Double Side burners.
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