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PCM BBQ island 1 Drawer 300H series Stainless Steel

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PCM's 300H series drawers are made of Brushes 18g 304 Stainless Steel right here in the U.S.A. The 300H series door gives you the strength of the old 300 series drawers but with a new and improved handle to give you a top of the line door. The 300H drawers use ball bearing easy glides to last you a lifetime. The 300H are the best built drawers made for your BBQ island and are pretty much bullet proof. You don't have to worry about grabbing the handle anymore without seeing where your hand is going and getting bit by a spider or critter like the old 300 style. All the 304 stainless steel has a lifetime warrantee so you won't have to worry about it rusting no matter where you live. These drawers come in many sizes including: 1 Drawer, 2 drawer,3 drawer 30 X 4" , and 30 X 15" utility drawers. The 300 H also have combo units that are one unit that has door and drawers all in one to save you money over buying them separate. The combo units come in 21" (1 drawer over a single door), the 30" (1 drawer over double doors like in your kitchen), 30" combo (1 door, and 2 drawer beside the door), 36" combo (the same as the 30" but bigger), and the 42" (2 doors on either side of 2 drawers). You can also get the propane drawer, trash drawer, and the trash tilt in the 300 H Style. Also available is the full PCM line of doors to match all the 300H products. The cut-out dimensions are as follows:

6 1/2" Tall X 17 1/4" wide
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