PCM 301H Spice Rack Drawer PCM-350H-SPR StainlessZoom

PCM 301H Spice Rack Drawer PCM-350H-SPR Stainless

Item# PCM-350H-SPR
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PCM 350H Spice rack Drawer is the perfect item to store all your secret spices and much more. Keeping them totally enclosed from the Critters inside your island you can be sure they will be fresh to go the next time you need them. Stop having to bringing everything out from inside the house and store it right where you need it. Built with 304 grade stainless steel and MADE IN THE USE you can be assured the quality is top notch.

The Cut Out Specs on the Spice Rack Drawer is:

6-1/2" Wide X 19-1/4" Tall with a Minimum Depth of 16-1/2"
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