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Fire Magic Power Burner - Echelon Series

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Echelon Diamond Series
The Fire Magic Power Burner 19-5B2N-0 is one of the largest and most powerful side burners on the market. The top of the line 19-5B2N-0 is even powerful enough to deep fry a turkey or other sides making it a built in deep fryer and side burner which offer versatility for a variety of different types of cooking styles. With two burners that are independent of one another, you can easily adjust the heat on the Fire Magic power burner 19-5B2N-0 to between 3,000 and 60,000 BTU's of cooking heat.

Fire Magic is known for creating quality grills and accessories and the Fire Magic Power Burner definitively lives up to these expectations. From the stainless steel construction to the brass burners, you can be sure that the 19-5B2N-0 Fire Magic Power burner is made of only the best quality materials for longevity and durability so that you can enjoy the convenience of your new Fire Magic power burner for a long time to come.

The Fire Magic power burner is designed to be installed into a BBQ island countertop and will seamlessly fit into any opening of 19" wide X 19-3/4" deep X 12" tall. Not only is the Fire Magic power burner 19-5B2N-0 built to last, it also offers a beautiful stainless steel finish and illuminated control knobs that make it easy to see what you are doing when entertaining at night. This top of the line side burner is sure to provide you with many years of enjoyment.

Comfort Touch Polished Knobs

Smooth, seamless lines with polished highlights that feature back-lit knobs (at 41ï¾°) with comfort touch grips and flame icons for convenience and safety (flame turns red when on).

Up to 60,000 BTU's of cooking power Outer burner maximum of 45,000 BTU's Inner burner 3,000-15,000 BTU's. Back-lit control knobs Includes removable stainless steel lid Cut-out: 19"w x 18 3⁄4"d x 11 1⁄2"h

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