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Fire Magic Echelon Double Searing Station

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Echelon Diamond Series
With the Echelon Double Searing Station, steaks are flash-cooked at 1200ï¾°, juices are locked in and meats are tender and full of flavor. With 32,000 BTUs of infrared heat and Diamond Sear cooking grids, the double searing station is a welcome companion to your Fire Magicï¾® grill.

If you want to create restaurant quality food right from the comfort of your outdoor kitchen then the Fire Magic Echelon double searing station is perfect for you. This top of the line infrared cooking system is powerful enough to quickly lock in flavors of your favorite meats and create the beautiful sear marks commonly found at expensive steak type restaurants. So, if you want to create a mouthwatering grilled dinner for your friends and family with perfectly seared meats cooked with top of the line infrared cooking then adding the Fire magic Echelon double searing station 32885-1 to your outdoor kitchen is the solution you need.

The Fire magic Echelon double searing station 32884-1 is known for produces quality results due to the 32,000 BTU's of cooking heat that provides up 1200 degrees of heat for perfectly searing meats. Or, if you simply need an infrared side burner, the independently operated double burners allow you to easily adjust the heat to achieve the perfect temperature whether you are boiling water or searing meats the Fire magic Echelon double searing station 32884-1 is the perfect choice.

The stainless steel finish with polished face that the Fire magic Echelon double searing station 32884-1 provides a beautiful accent that is sure to compliment your existing grill. You can easily switch between natural gas and propane operation as well which make it a great option for those looking for versatility. The cut out dimensions of this infrared cooking station are 19" W x 18 ¾" D x 12" H, and can easily be installed into your BBQ Island with ease.

Diamond Sear Cooking Grids

Diamond Sear Cooking Grids are superior! Diamond Sear Cooking Grids have a patented* design with bars that have a smooth flat top; each individual bar measures over .35" wide at the top covering over one half of the total cooking surface. Each bar is shaped to optimally transfer the heat from the burners to the cooking surface so food cooks faster and more evenly!

The Grids are backed by heavy duty cross-rods, made from all 304 Stainless Steel, bead blasted with matte finish for non-stick surface, and has the Industry's finest Lifetime Warranty.

Comfort Touch Polished Knobs

Smooth, seamless lines with polished highlights that feature back-lit knobs (at 41ï¾°) with comfort touch grips and flame icons for convenience and safety (flame turns red when on).

Cut-out: 19"w x 18 3⁄4"d x 11 1⁄2"h Up to 32,000 BTU's of cooking power 2 Infrared 16,000 BTU burners Back-lit control knobs Includes stainless steel lid

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