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Beefeater Signature 5 burner Premium Built in grill

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The Signature Beef Eater Grill 13850s is a top of the line five burner grill which is sought after by only the most serious of grillers. If you want to be able to grill like a pro then you need a quality grill and this Beefeater Premium grill will exceed your expectations for both quality and price. The Beefeater price is one of the top selling points because they offer professional grade grills for an affordable price in comparison to other manufacturers of similar BBQ grills.

The Beefeater 5 Burner Premium 13850s grill is part of the S3000s line by Beefeater which is known for their beauty, style and quality. The easy to clean cooking grids and griddle of this Beef Eater Grill are made of quality solid stainless steel which are 10 mm thick and provide an easy to clean nonstick cooking surface. And you are sure to love the five cast stainless steel burners which provide a high heat output of an outstanding 90,000 BTU's of cooking power and are a no questions asked lifetime warranty by Beefeater.

Beefeater Premium grills such as this five burner model in the S3000s series are designed to offer all of the quality you would expect from a well-known and trusted company, all at a Beefeater price you can actually afford. The sturdy welded frame is designed to last and made from heavy duty grade stainless Steel which is known to be rust and corrosion proof.

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