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Signature Black Trolley

Signature Black TrolleyThe Beefeater Signature series grills offer beauty, quality and durability all packed by the well-known Beefeater name. Beefeater makes serious grills for serious grillers and is known for its innovative features and quality parts. They were founded in 1984 and have worked on perfecting the BBQ experience ever since. Not only do they strive to make beautiful grills, they also ensure that they are tough as well so that your investment in a professional grade Beefeater signature grill is going to stand the test of time.

One popular line of the Beefeater grill is the Signature series which includes the S3000 which has replaced the S2000 series. These beautiful black porcelain grills come with a 10 year warranty from fading or rusting as well which is backed by Beefeaters awesome customer service. Consumer reviews show that problems with this quality BBQ grill line are few and far between; however, if you do have any problems at all you can be assured it will be corrected for you right away!

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19952 Signature 5 burner w/ 23650 Designer cart package
Regular price: $2,456.99
Sale price: $1,819.99
Beefeater 19832 Signature 3 burner W/ 22134 Pedestal package
Regular price: $1,999.00
Sale price: $1,549.00
Beefeater 19832 3 burner Signature with 22130 S/S Pedestal package
Regular price: $2,132.99
Sale price: $1,579.99

The beefeater signature series grills all come with stainless Steel burners which are strong, durable and solid so that you can be sure they will last. Whether you are looking for a three burner, four burner or five burner professional grade grill, the 3000 series has a grill to suite your needs. So whether you need a simple yet sophisticated three burner grill or a more and powerful five burner grill the S3000 series have got you covered.

If you are looking for a powerful quality grill that features a 10 year warranty, stainless burners and a beautiful black porcelain finish then this is the series for you. Check out our huge selection of Beefeater grills to find the perfect one to complete your perfect outdoor space so that you can entertain your family, friends and neighbors in style.

Signature Black Trolley