Beefeater 12830s Signature S3000s Premium 3 burner Stainless steelZoom

Beefeater 12830s Signature S3000s Premium 3 burner Stainless steel

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If you are looking for the perfect BBQ grill to complete your new outdoor entertainment area and kitchen then the Beefeater Premium 3 burner 13830s built in grill is the perfect addition. The Beefeater price is hard to beat because it offers outstanding value with an affordable price tag. This awesome Beef Eater Grill is part of the popular S3000s series that boasts innovative feature, modern stainless steel design and many other outstanding features that you are sure to love.

The versatility of this Beefeater Premium grill allows you to easily convert from a kitchen island to a cart. This three burner premium 13830s model grill is made of top quality brushed 304 stainless steel for longevity and durability. You are sure to love this Beef eater grills power as well; it provides a powerful 54,000 BTU's of cooking heat. The flame thrower ignitions available on all of the S3000s built in grills are the best igniter available.

The top quality cast stainless steel burners come with the top notch Beefeater warranty (lifetime) that consumers know and love. This grill also features a stainless steel griddle that is a quarter of an inch thick and made of stainless steel which is heavy duty and designed to last forever. The total cooking surface is huge with a 13" griddle and one 13" heavy duty stainless steel cooking grid for a total of 26" of cooking surface. The Beefeater price is one of its best loved features because it offers all of the quality and features of an expensive grill for a fraction of the price.

Some of the best of Specifications of the Beefeater 3 Burner Premium 13830s Built in Grill
  • Built in Temperature Gauge
  • Stainless Steel Roasting Hood
  • Quartz Start Ignition System (on all burners)
  • Heavy Duty Cast Stainless steel Burners (lifetime warranty)
  • Stainless Steel Full Length Grease Tray
  • Converts to Use Natural Gas or Propane
  • Large, Easy to Grip Knobs
  • 3 Powerful Burners (18,000 BTu's each)
  • 13" Stainless steel Griddle (The best griddle you can buy)
  • 13" Solid stainless steel cooking grids (the best quality in the market)
  • Top Quality for an Affordable Price
  • Constructed of 304 Brushed Stainless Steel
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