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Beefeater Built in Grill Buying Guide

Should I Choose stainless steel or porcelain black Beefeater grill?

When it comes to Beefeater Both Stainless steel and black porcelain are great grills that will add a touch of beauty and style to your BBQ Island or Outdoor Kitchen. The Stainless steel models of Beefeater grills come with a Lifetime warranty on the body of the grill and is considered almost bullet proof, meaning no matter how bad it looks over the years you can always clean it up and make it look new again. The Stainless will not rust or corrode. The Black porcelain finish models of Beefeater grills comes with a 10 year warranty on the body of the grill. The black porcelain also will not rust or corrode as long as it doesn't get chipped or scratched although it doesn't chip or scratch easily. Other differences is that the hood on the stainless is double lined, and come with the anti flare vaporizers. Other than these two things the insides are exactly the same. Both built in grills are a great choice so you can be assured no matter what look you are going for either will get the job done well.

Top picks for Beefeater Porcelain Black by the Grill Experts.
Beefeater Signature series 3000 Built in grill black 19952
Regular price: $1,619.99
Sale price: $1,199.99

How Much Should I Expect to Spend on a Beefeater Grill?

The first thing that you should do when choosing a Beefeater grill is determine your <strong>Budget</strong>. Once you figure your budget you can choose if you want <strong>stainless steel, black porcelain</strong>, Discovery, Signature, and then how many burners or what size to get.

  • Black Discovery:                       4 burner ($749), 5 burner ($804)
  • Discovery Stainless Steel:         4 burner ($1099), 5 Burner ($1249)
  • Black Signature:                       3 burner ( $899), 4 Burner ($999), 5 burner ($1099)
  • Stainless Steel Signature:         3 burner ($1249), 4 Burner ($1499), 5 burner ($1699)
  • Stainless Steel Premium Grills: 3 burner Premium ($1699), 4 Burner ($1979), 5 Burner ($2249)
  • Stainless Premium SL4000:       4 burner ($2744), 5 burner ($3059)

So you can see that Beefeater is one of the most diverse line of grills so you can be assured the Beefeater has a grill for pretty much anyone.

Top picks for Beefeater built in grills by the Grill Experts:
Beefeater 30450 SL4000 Signature Premium Stainless Steel BBQ
Regular price: $3,705.74
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What Size Beefeater Grill Should I Purchase?

The size of Beefeater grill that you purchase will reflect your individual needs and preference. If you have plenty of space in your BBQ Island and would like a grill big enough to cook for a hungry crowd then the large four and five burner models are a great choice. Beefeater offers many sizes of grills which measure up to 870 square inches of cooking space with an impressive 110,000 BTUs of cooking power powered by six burners (5 main burners and 1 side burner). If you plan on hosting more intimate gatherings or have a smaller family then a smaller grill with less cooking space will suffice.
  • 3 burner:             27 wide
  • 4 burner:             33 wide
  • 5 burner:             39 wide
  • 4 burner SL4000 47 wide
  • 5 burner SL4000 53 wide

Top Selling Beefeater built in grills 3, 4, 5 burners

Can I Purchase a Side Burner for my Beefeater Grill?

If you want a side burner to cook soups, sauces and side dishes to perfection without having to o indoors then an optional Beefeater Sideburner is a great addition to your BBQ Island. There are some Beefeater grills that come with an attached side burner, while others do not come with this handy addition. If the Beefeater grill that you want to purchase does not come with a side burner you can purchase an optional Beefeater side burner for a little over $300 to complete your grilling set up. This will save you from having to leave your grill unattended while preparing soups, sauces or side dishes.

Beefeater Built in Side burner Stainless Steel

Are Parts readily Available for my Beefeater Grill?

One of the great things about Beefeater is that they value their customers and want to do everything that they can to ensure customer satisfaction. For this reason Beefeater offers a full line of authentic Beefeater replacement parts to repair your grill in the event of a problem. While Beefeater grills are built to last, there may come a time when something goes wrong on your Beefeater grill. No worries, you can purchase replacement burners, knobs, igniters, valves, vaporizers, reflectors, cooking grids and cooking grates to quickly repair your Beefeater grill and get it back to working order in no time.

The Full line of Genuine Beefeater bbq grill parts:

Are there accessories for my Beefeater Grill?

Yes, there are accessories you can get for your Beefeater grill. You can purchase a custom fit cover, heavy duty rotisserie, built in side burner, extra cooking grids, griddles, a full line of cooking utensils, and any spare parts that you would ever need. Beefeater grills are available in a multitude of combinations with the different sizes, and also different cart set ups. So from the custom fit covers, to spare parts you can be assured that Beefeater has several models and plenty of accessories for any need for outdoor grilling you would need.

Just some of the Beefeater Accessories available
Rotisserie for Beefeater 4 burner complete 93534
Regular price: $202.49
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Beefeater Built in Grill Buying Guide