Beefeater 12840s Signature S3000 Premium 4 burner Built in grillZoom

Beefeater 12840s Signature S3000 Premium 4 burner Built in grill

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If you want a grill that will impress the masses then you should consider this powerful four burner Beef Eater Grill with all of the bells and whistles you will need. The Beefeater 4 burner premium 13840s is a built in grill designed to be used with either a cart or outdoor kitchen space and allows you to customize your outdoor kitchen space with the beauty of this beefeater premium grill. This top quality grill is part of the popular S3000s Signature series that includes three, four and five burner models all at the affordable Beefeater price.

The dimensions of the Beef eater 4 burner grill provides an ample amount of cooking space on the 13840s professional grade grill. The four powerful cast stainless steel burners on this Beefeater premium grill provide an impressive 72,000 BTU's of cooking power for quick heating and thorough cooking. The hood and body of this 4 burner grill which is part of the S3000s series are made of durable and beautiful brushed 304 stainless steel.

You are sure to love the Beefeater price as well which is very affordable when you compare the features and quality of this model to other more expensive models on the market. It even includes a stainless steel griddle and professional grade solid stainless steel cooking grid which is frequently only found on far more expensive grills. Both the cooking grids and griddle are included in this model and are made of stainless steel as well for longevity and to provide a non-stick cooking surface that will last you forever.


Just a few features of the Beefeater 4 Burner Premium Grill
  • Accurate Built In Temperature Gauge
  • Included Anti flare Stainless Steel Vaporizers
  • 72,000 BTU's of Cooking Heat
  • Solid stainless steel cooking grids
  • Cast Stainless steel Burners (Lifetime warranty)
  • Solid stainless steel Griddle
  • Quartz Start on all burners (The best on the market)
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Contemporary Design
  • Great Value
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