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PCM 260 Series doors

PCM 260 Series doorsPCM barbecue doors,

If you are looking for barbeque doors to complete your outdoor kitchen then you definitely want to check out our full line of PCM barbeque doors. We offer a full line of PCM bbq doors including the popular 260 series which are a consumer favorite. If you do not see the style of PCM barbeque doors that you are looking for to compliment your bbq grill and island then please feel free to contact us; chances are we have just what you are looking for.

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You can purchase out full line of PCM barbeque doors in two unique finishes. They come in black with a powder coat finish that is designed to prevent rust and corrosion as well as quality beautiful brushed stainless steel. Both finishes are equally durable, scratch resistant and will not fade due to sun exposure over time. The 260 series offers bbq doors in a variety of sizes and styles including both double access and single access doors to compliment your bbq grill. PCM puts safety first and each of 260 series single access PCM barbeque doors is equipped with a louvered vent for safety.

PCM 260 Series 12 X 12 access door stianless steel
Regular price: $119.99
Sale price: $107.79
PCM 260 Series for BBQ island access door 20 X 14 Vertical
Regular price: $179.99
Sale price: $142.99
PCM260-42 Series BBQ island Double access door 42"
Regular price: $499.99
Sale price: $351.99
PCM260-48 Series BBQ island access door 48" stainless steel
Regular price: $499.99
Sale price: $362.99
PCM 260-TRT Series BBQ Island Tilt Trash Stainless Steel 1/ea
Regular price: $349.99
Sale price: $313.49
PCM refrigerater Trim Kit for outdoor islands
Regular price: $109.99
Sale price: $93.49

This is an important detail that is very important when it comes to BBQ grill safety. You need to have a minimum of two vents on your bbq island to ensure proper ventilation for safety. One is typically built in to your island and the other comes standard with your 260 series PCM barbeque doors. PCM prides itself on creating American made products that are of top quality and designed to last; you will not be disappointed with the quality of your PCM barbeque doors.

There are many styles and sizes of PCM barbeque doors in the 260 series such as single access 17"x 24" stainless doors that come in both vertical and horizontal designs. The 14" x 20" PCM barbeque doors are a popular choice and also come in both a horizontal and vertical design option to suit your individual design needs. The 260 series PCM barbeque double access doors come in a wide variety of sizes as well such as 30", 36", 42" and 48" so you can be sure that there are PCM barbeque doors that will fit your BBQ grill island perfectly.

PCM 260 Series doors