PCM 260 Series BBQ Island access Door Verticle 17 X 24 StainlessZoom

PCM 260 Series BBQ Island access Door Verticle 17 X 24 Stainless

Brand: PCMMFG Part Number: PCM2601724V
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Product Description

PCM 260 series 17 X 24 Vertical BBQ Island access door is made in the U.S.A. It manufactured in California and is made of 304 Brushes stainless steel which will last you a lifetime. This Stainless door has a extra bend in it that makes it pop out away from you BBQ island about 1/4"and also makes it stronger than the 200 series. The corners are welded, ground smooth, and then given a nice brushed finish with a #4 brush so you can't even tell it was welded. The 260 series has a magnet to make it easy to open but also keeps it closed. All the 260 series doors come with a nice grab handle to open and close the door and there is nowhere for spiders and critter to hide when you grab the handle (like the 200 series). There are also many options for your door like adding vents, a built in paper towel holder, or making it double lined (makes it less flimsy, and much stronger).

The cut-out dimensions are as follows:

17 3/8" Wide X 24 3/8" Tall
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