access Door for bbq island 17X24 HorizontalZoom

access Door for bbq island 17X24 Horizontal

Brand: PCMMFG Part Number: 2001724H
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Product Description

Made in the USA.

OUR BEST SELLING DOOR Talon 17 X 24 Horizontal access door, VENTED with a Stainless steel Handle. This access door is made to withstand the elements outdoors. The half moon round handle made of stainless steel gives this door a very nice finished look but yet is easy to open and close with a magnet to hold it closed. These island doors are made with16 guage 304 stainless steel so they are more durable and won't fade like our powder coated doors. These access doors are very easy to mount with the 4 pre-drilled wholes in the frame and the door can be easily removed from the frame buy pulling the door up while pushing the frame down. This access door mounts flush against the island.

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