BBQ Island Access Door 14X20 S/S HorizontalZoom

BBQ Island Access Door 14X20 S/S Horizontal

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PCM 200 Series access doors are made of 18 gauge brushed Stainless steel to last a lifetime. All the corners are welded, ground, and then given a nice brushed finish to give you a great finished product. The Half moon handle gives you a distinct modern look. The 200 series doors come with a magnet to keep the door closed and yet makes it easier to open the door without any bothersome latches that have rusted shut. These doors are built for a lifetime and most of all MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Add options to any of our doors. You can order Vents built onto the door, You can get the door double lined which more than doubles the strength for the door . and you can also get a towel rack built onto the door. You can add all three if you want.

The cut out dimensions for this 14 X 20 door is 14-3/8: X 20-3/8"
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