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12 V Stainless light

12 V Stainless light
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Barbecue light for your bbq island by focus comes with 24" flex arm so you can point it in any direction has a Polyolefin Shrink Cover to keep it weatherproof for the outdoor moisture. Focus outdoor island light comes with a deck / countertop mount to keep it sturdy and dosn't move around until you want it to. The head of this light is a Mini Round 3" brushed Aluminum Canopy with Set Screw to hold the bulb in place and to weatherproof it and the wires from moisture. The on and off switch button is mounted on the base of the light and is covered with a rubber boot again to weatherproof it. This is a lifetime light and even when taking a beating you can order individual parts to repair it unlike most other bbq light companies out there. The Focus Low voltage light comes with 18 guage / 2 wire Black Zip Cord that is 3 Foot in length from Base of Fixture makeing it easy to hook up to a low voltage line a breeze. Keep in mind this is a low voltage light and can't just be plugged into a wall socket, it's made to hook to an existing low voltage transformer like for your yard lighting. Will work with any 12 volt lighting system. Focus barbecue light comes with the very popular MR-16 20 Watt halogen light bulb which is very brite and you can actualy see what you are cooking (not like flashlight that has a yellow light). The MR-16 bulb has a lamp life of 2000 hours average. This light is the perfect light when you can't get a 120v line to your outdoor kitchen and you have low voltage lighting in your backyard.

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12 V Stainless light