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Alturi Lifestyle grills

Alturi Lifestyle grillsAre you looking for the best grill for your money? Do you want a professional grade grill that is built to last but do not want to spend $5000 or more on your grill? If you answered yes to these questions then you definitely should check out our line of Summerset Alturi Grills. The Summerset Alturi grill line features 30" , 36" and 42" styles to meet the varying needs of people like you. All of the Summerset Alturi grills are packed with features that you are sure to love for a price that your pocketbook will appreciate.

Built in Summerset grill buyers guide

If you want the quality of a Viking grill without the high price tag then a Summerset Alturi grill may be just what you are looking for. In fact, the seamless edges and brushed stainless steel finish on each Summerset Alturi grill give them the look and feel of luxury for less. Some of the best features of our line of Summerset Alturi grills are the extra thick 3/8" solid stainless cooking grates, the commercial grade tubular burners, the mounted interior lighting and the illuminated front panel and control knobs which make it easier to see what you are doing when entertaining in the evening hours.

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Summerset Alturi Lifestyles built in grill ALT42
Regular price: $5,750.00
Sale price: $5,058.00
Alturi Lifestyles 36" Stainless Steel by Summerset  ALT-36
Regular price: $5,250.00
Sale price: $4,618.00
Alturi Lifestyles 30" Stainless Steel by Summerset  ALT-30
Regular price: $4,600.00
Sale price: $3,771.00
Alturi  42" All Stainless cart for Alturi Summerset grill ALTCART-42
Regular price: $2,510.99
Sale price: $1,450.99
Alturi  ALTCART-36 36" Stainless cart for the Alturi Summerset grill
Regular price: $1,895.99
Sale price: $1,285.99
Alturi  ALTCART-30 30" Stainless steel cart for Alturi grill
Regular price: $1,760.99
Sale price: $1,220.99
42" Alturi cover for built in grill ALTC42
Regular price: $99.99
Sale price: $69.99

The Summerset Alturi grills also feature the well-known and well-loved flame thrower ignition system that Summerset is known for as well as a conveniently built in temperature gauge and infrared rear rotisserie burner which comes standard with all Summerset Alturi grills. If you are looking for a professional grade grill that comes equipped with a dedicated smoker tray with its own dedicated burner then the 30” and 42” Summerset Alturi grills are sure to please.

Some of the optional features that you can get on a Summerset Alturi grill are an infrared sear zone or red cast brass burners for those of you who live in areas of high humidity. If you would prefer to install you’re built in grill into a trolley/cart, we also offer a full line of Summerset Alturi grill carts which offer plenty of storage and easy cast wheels so that you can easily move your grill around your yard or outdoor entertainment space as needed.

Alturi Lifestyle grills